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Dear Britannicans,

It's almost time for the party that is gonna blow your minds. (Not literally though.) But before that, you have something else to look forward to.

Aaaah yes people, it’s finally about to begin


As you may know, Homecoming Week (in short, HOCO Week) is fast approaching (yay!), so this blog update will give you some important party information to memorize, adhere to, and cherish in your hearts as preparation for the celebrations.

The Celebration Committee has been hard at work planning and preparing for the grandiose celebration that is the XLV Homecoming dance on Saturday 24.11 at restaurant Kåren. However, fear not Britannicans, we also have other equally fun events planned for the week.

On Tuesday 20.11 at 7pm in Armfelt, Britannica will organize a Movie Night: Homecoming Edition, during which we will be watching Grease (1978), to get into the spirit of the American high school experience (but mostly because of the catchy songs, cool outfits, and good fun and friendship!).

There will also be a movie quiz – how exciting! – before the film where you have a chance to win cool prizes in honor of HOCO week, so if you want to participate in that (and you should), come early. The quiz begins 6:45pm. You can also buy snacks and beverages for only 2€.

On Wednesday 21.11 at 6pm, get ready to mix and mingle during our Cocktail School! This event will be hosted by Nicholas Honkanen, a Britannica member and bartender extraordinarie, who will show you how to make cool drinks and then you get to make one yourself! And all for the meagre price of 5€.

Sign-up form for this event will be posted on Monday 12.11 at 12:00 in the FB event (<-- click there). Let the mixing be-gin! (haha puns)

On Thursday 22.11 at 6pm, in the spirit of HOCO, the traditional Homecoming game will be in the form of a Beer Pong Tournament, where teams of two compete for the title of Homecoming Beer Pong Legends (and a prize - duh).

But hey, if beer pong isn’t your kind of game, don’t worry, there will be other fun games for you to partake in alongside the tournament at our concurrent tailgate party ;) Come by and have a blast with Britannicans of all years!

The sign-up form for the tournament will be posted on Tuesday 13.11 at 12:00 in the FB event, so find your teammate and get ready!

The week’s festivities culminates in the party of the year – celebrating Britannica’s 45th anniversary with a HOCO dance on Saturday, featuring a cocktail hour from 6-7pm, an elegant banquet starting 7pm and rocking after-party from midnight. On Sunday 25.11 at noon the fun continues with a slightly less elegant but still fun Silliz!

So there’s nothing left for you to do than get hyped and sign-up for the week’s activities and the celebration ASAP - you don’t want to miss this!

It will be flatulently grandiose (read in posh British accent)!

With a “whoop-whoop”, I wish you good weeks to come,

Peace out,


Info-secretary and PR-person

The Celebration Committee 2018

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