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The association for students at the English Language and Literature Department of 

Åbo Akademi University

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about us

Britannica is mainly the association for students of English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Humanities at Åbo Akademi University, although everyone who feels English-minded in any way is most welcome to join our association! We organize everything from traditional student parties (a.k.a. sitzes) to movie nights and sports events. We should also mention our traditional department-get-togethers, during which students and staff meet up for some wine, cheese and snacks; and our pub quizzes, which are famous also outside the English Department. A newer tradition is our get-togethers/board game nights/sewing nights in our cozy students' lounge in the English corridor in Arken.

Sounds good, ay? Then why not join our association! Look below at "Become a member" to find out about the membership fee, how to pay it and what benefits you get from being a member. And even if you don't feel like joining Britannica at this point, you are still most welcome to come and hang out with us - we hope to see you at one of our events soon! :)

Since 1973


As a member of Britannica, you will get discounts at almost all our events, information about these events via e-mail (and Facebook, as soon as you join our group), eternal pride of belonging to the most amazing association of course, and other awesome stuff! There are two ways of becoming a member of Britannica:

First of all, you can become a lifelong member of our association, which will give you benefits throughout your time at the English department (and maybe even beyond!). To claim this lifelong membership of Britannica, please pay 10 euros either directly to one of the board members or into our account:

Nordea FI29 1743 3000 0183 52

In addition, it is since 2015 possible to become a one-year member of our association. If you're only staying at the university for one or two semesters (hello exchange students!) but still want to spend a lot of time with us, you can claim a one-year membership by paying only 5 euros to a board member, or to the very same account as above.

Make sure to let us know your e-mail address once you have paid your membership fee (send an e-mail to, so we can add you to our mailing list!

Thank you! :)

Become a member

the BOARD 2018

contact a board member with:     

The Students' Lounge

This is where you'll find all us English students hanging out and studying, but anyone is welcome here! :)



 Stop by if you want to hang, buy overall patches, etc. we have coffee, tea, and crackers.

Sometimes we have cookies!

Board 2016
Sponsor child



Britannica's sponsor child is 10 year old Phat from Cambodia.
Letters from Phat and annual reports about his life will be put on display in the Students' Lounge.  Each month Britannica will donate money to Phat's village as an effort to improve both Phat's family's life as well as the life of the other people in the village. 


Britannica's sponsor child for 2016-2018  was Asher Kipkoech in Ngosweti, Kenya.

Due to a misunderstanding he does no longer receive donations from us. We wish him all the best!

Britannicas sponsor child from 2005-2015 was Kiplagat Evans, a boy from Meibeki, Kenya. During the years as his sponsor Britannica donated money to Evans' village and sent him Christmas presents, like they will now do for Asher. Evans went to school and learned how to read and write and in 2015 no longer needed the help of a sponsor in the same way others do. Britannica wishes Evans all the best in his surely bright future! 


Asher lives with his mom
Asher Kipkoech
Kiplagat Evans




Fabriksgatan 2, 20500 Turku, 2nd floor 



Feel free to contact us about anything :)

Thank you! We will be in contact soon.

Our Britannica board
KISS at the Halloween sitz 2015
Halloween sitz 2015
Board 2015
Vappen picnic 2015
Freshers' Fair 2015!
Anti Valentine's Day sitz 2015
Anti-Valentine's Day sitz 2015
Harry Potter sitz 2014
Game Night in the Students' Lounge
Gulisintagning 2014
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