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The last few weeks have been fruitful for Britannica, and I hope that they have been fun for our members and others that have tagged along on our events. Depending on who you ask though, the actual facts might be a bit unclear. It's hard to trust any source these days so bare with me.

Some brave Britannicans made it to T-talo on February 2nd to attend a somewhat different sitz with the lovely people at Anglica. As I understand it, two of the most handsome men in the world gave a perfect rendition of George Michael's "Faith" during the course of this awesome party.

A week later, Britannica hosted a board game night where several of our fine exchange students participated in games like Cards Against Humanity, bringing joy and happiness to the heart of the most handsome man in the world.

There was one event that really tested the strength and willpower of the members of the board as we managed to break hearts and build walls with the good people of Infå. The Anti-Valentine's Day sitz was the perfect opportunity for the most handsome man in the world to make his long awaited debut as toastmaster. It was a magnificent display of hard work, discipline and raw talent.

The most handsome man in the world needs some help from time to time and the right honorable hostess and treasurer of the board represented Britannica with our beautiful banner as ÅAS celebrated their 98th anniversary. Check out a pic from the event at our Instagram-page @britannica.rf, follow and like!

Looking forward to the rest of this year which has started bigly. The greatest start to a year you've ever seen. Next up: Britannica's annual meeting on February 28th!


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