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Healthy food tips and upcoming events!

Hopefully 2017 has started great for you all! I hope that during the busiest time of the year with all the applications to exchanges and language practices you also remember to relax and do other nice stuff as well. The Board has been planning some fun events for the next weeks for you guys :)

I thought I’d share a healthy and super easy recipe for you all to get through the darkest time of the year. Avocadochickenryebread a la Sarde. What you need: Two pieces of ryebread (preferably the brand Oululainen) It is tough, but so are the Finns Half an avocado or a whole if you like it Chicken (cooked) Pepper on top First, toast the bread until it’s nice and crispy. Split the avocado, and spread as much as you want of it on the bread, then add the cooked chicken and top it with some pepper. Really simple recipe, healthy and tasty as well! Worth a try I’d say.

Another food related tip I wanted to share with you guys is the Cafe Pure Hero on Eerikinkatu, raw food place with excellent food and nice atmosphere! Some of the smoothies may be a bit pricey for student budget, but at least you get nice #smoothietime #superfood pics to Instagram cause da smoothies really pretty.

Btw, next week Britannica will organize a Board Game Night, on February 9 at 18! Hope to see many of you there! There is a Facebook page for the event with more information, go check it out here: Until then, all the best and good luck with your studies, -Sara, aka hostess

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