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Hi Members!

Britannica is back in business with a new board for the academic year 2017!

This is the circus you will be looking at this year:

Jannika Siimelä: President

Katariina Hoffström: Vice-President

Isabella Strandén: Treasurer

Ida Nyberg: Secretary & Info-sec

Sara Hänninen: Hostess

Markus Finell: Host

We are all super stoked to be back after an endless winter break (jk we'd all rather still be on vacay doing nothing, but hey you gotta work with what you have) and we have lots of fun stuff planned for our awesome members at the English Department.

To kick off the year, we have a sitz coming up on Feb 2nd with Anglica. It will be held at T-Talo and the theme is "overall sitz", so dust off your purple rags and join us for our first event of the year! For more information you can click here and for the sign-up click here. The sign-up closes this Sunday so make sure you sign up on time! It will be cray.

We also want to remind you of the suggestion box in the Students' Lounge (the yellow school bus) where you can give us suggestions or wishes for events, praise us or trash us, or just send us a cute note. We go through them every week at our meetings and try to fulfill your wishes to the best of our abilities!

Check back later for more updates.

Peace out!

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