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October update

'Ello love, Nikke from the board here. So far into this academic year, the board of Britannica has experienced a new level of being busy and organizing events. Since the last time you've heard of us we've organised an introductory sitz along with ESN for this years freshmen ( and other like-minded people), a pub quiz, a movie night and a friendly game of football at Kuppis park with more to come. We're happy to say that each of the events have been a rip roaring success and we thank you all for attending them, we do this for you because we love you! But alas, all good things must come to an end. Don't worry though as with every end comes a new beginning. I'm talking about our Fall meeting 15.11. Lets face it, the members of the current board are getting old and fat and should be put into retirement homes.. Well okay not everyone, some of them still want to stay and show the newcomers the ropes =). As you might have guessed, at this annual meeting the board of Britannica 2017 will be chosen. I encourage everyone with even the slightest of interest in being a part of the board of a student organisation, not to mention a such well oiled and respected juggernaut as Britannica, to attend this meeting. What the board does is bring happiness and joy to all of the English Department. The board sees to it that each and everyone gets their voice heard and that everybody has a good time during their stay at our beloved faculty. By joining the board, you get to organize events, represent your student association at fine events such as parades and anniversary balls and so forth, take part in important decisions within the department and other luxurious perks. I myself am serving my second tour of duty as a Host for Britannica and it's been an absolute pleasure. The work can honestly be a bit much sometimes but don't let it scare you, it's one of the most rewarding things to do while you're studying at ÅA and a great opportunity for networking. I'd probably be punching myself in the groin today if I hadn't joined since I would have missed the experience of a lifetime. Oh the stories I could tell. Like that one time in SL.. Anywho, the posts that will become up for grabs are: President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Info-Secretary Hostess Host

To learn more about the posts and what their individual jobs are please attend the meeting at our Student's Lounge, Tuesday the 15th of November. A formal announcement will be published on the English Department notice board shortly telling the exact time for it. Please note that you must study at the English Department to be allowed on board. In other news, did you know that we have a suggestion box at the Lounge? It's the yellow bus sitting on the shelf by the door and you're more than welcome to drop a question or suggestion to us in it. By doing this you're helping us help you as we always take note and acknowledge your wishes and thoughts and try to make them reality as good as possible. There will also be a big sitz announcement coming your way in the following weeks as we are gearing up for something special. So stick around, more Britannica after the commercials! Be safe, be happy and don't let the deadlines and essays ever make you afraid. That's all folks! (Ps. check out Hot Fuzz on Netflix, I love that movie)

The board in their natural habitat

The winners of our stupendously popular pub quiz

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