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What we have done so far and upcoming events

Hi Britannicans!

The academic year has started with a bang and the Board is excited to be back!

During the past couple of weeks we have been hosting a bunch of fun events and want to thank everyone who participated in them!

On Tuesday 6 September we organized the Gulis-Gamyl Night, where the freshmen had a chance to meet older students. Britannica has had the tradition of hosting a Gulis-Gamyl Night during the first week of studies and the Night has usually consisted of chilling at Hunter’s Inn, but this year the Board decided to organize the Gulis-Gamyl Night as a scavenger hunt in the center of Turku.

The participants gathered at the stairs of the City Library and were divided into teams and then the hunt started. The scavenger hunt was a lot of fun as the teams roamed the streets of the center of Turku while trying to complete as many tasks as possible from a given list with tasks involving everything from collecting things to dancing on a bench or wearing as many sunglasses as possible. When the scavenger hunt was completed the winning team was awarded and those who wanted could continue the evening at Bar Edison.

On Thursday 8 September Britannica hosted a station in Humfen’s Gulisintagning. Britannica’s station was a race where the teams participating had to complete a day in an American high school. The day in high school consisted of everything from bus rides in rainstorms to having delicious power smoothies for lunch, followed by football practice and prom. The Board had a ton of fun and it was great to see so many Britannicans showing up to cheer on the freshmen!

On Tuesday 13 September Britannica teamed up with Anglica, the association for the students of English at University of Turku, to host a station in the second Kielikuukausi (KieKu for short) event, the Kielympialaiset. The concept of the Kielympialaiset was inspired by the Olympic Games and consisted of six stations hosted by various language associations.

Anglica and Britannica’s station surely made the participants’ heads spin as it involved spinning in circles around a stick for 10 rounds, what we call keppikännit or tukkihumala in Finland. It’s really hard to explain but a very fun and fast way to feel dizzy. After the spinning the participants tried to throw a ping pong ball into a bucket and it was hard to aim when the world around you was spinning very fast. The Board had fun cooperating with Anglica and the other language associations, and getting a taste of the kind of events the language associations at the University of Turku host.

If you are interested in finding out more about KieKu, you should definitely check out the Facebook page and hit “Like” if you haven’t already! As we have said before, all Britannicans and other language students at ÅA are more than welcome to participate in the upcoming events!

Wednesday 14 September Britannica, like many other associations, set up a table at Kåren at the Gulisakademin/Freshers’ Fair. Britannica sold songbooks, overall patches and welcomed people who wanted to become Britannicans, awesome to have some new members! We also had a fun movie-themed quiz where you had to pair the quote with the right movie. Those who paired all movies and quotes correctly had the chance to enter to win a Britannica-sitz, how great is that! The Board will inform the winner of the quiz by email very soon.

That sounded like a whole lot of events, am I right? Maybe so, but the Board has only got started! We have so many fun events still to come, so I suggest you continue reading if you want to be up to date with what’s coming!

Britannica x ESN: Sitzing for Dummies-sitz, 20.9.2016, 7pm. @ F

Welcome to the Britannica & ESN sitz party! Sitzing is a form of partying that students in Finland live by! A sitz consists of singing, drinking, eating, talking, more drinking, and having awesomely fun! After the official sitz there is an after party with crazy dancing and more drinking! It is amazeballs.

IN SHORT: WHAT? Britannica & ESN's Sitzing for Dummies-sitz WHEN? Tuesday, September 20th, 7pm - doors open at 6:30pm WHERE? F (ask the hosts for directions if you don't know the place) HOW MUCH? 12€ members (ESN & Britannica members), 14€ non-members (alcohol-free: 10€ or 12€) DRESSCODE? Come as you are! (but wear your overall if you have one!)

The sign-up has already closed but in case you didn’t get a spot at the sitz you can always come to our awesome afterparty at midnight-ish!

Remember that we are participating in the Kielikuukausi and that the Kielisitsit will take place 6 October at T-talo with an after party at Showroom. There might still be a few spots left so if you feel like taking part in a sitz for around 100 people and finding out how they party at the University of Turku, make sure to sign up! The information can be found on the Kielikuukausi Facebook page.

We also have many Britannica-events planned out for October and November, more information will come soon so make sure that you read your email and check our posts in the Britannica Facebook group to stay updated on all the good stuff yet to come.

The Board wants to wish everybody a fun upcoming week and we’ll see you at the sitz on Tuesday!

- The Board

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