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Guess who's back, back again...

As the summer was drawing to an end we came to the sudden realization that we indeed have to come back…

And we were super stoked! Wohoo! *queue party music, horrid dance moves and a roaring crowd*

So, we are back (hold for applause) and though we have almost no money and have somewhat forgotten what we are supposed to be doing, we will do our best to make this autumn awesome.

Firstly, we’d like to welcome our new freshmen! Welcome.

Now moving on to funner [sic] things, we have a few upcoming events that you need to write down, memorize, tattoo on yourself, etc. to remember that attendance is mandatory unless you want to be put on our naughty list that we created now as this was written. It is now a thing. JK.

1. Gulis-Gamyl Night goes Scavenger Hunt, 6.9.2016, 6pm

But we have decided to spice things up from our normal chit-chat-chill-evening at Hunter’s Inn to an awesome Gulis-Gamyl Scavenger Hunt instead! Check our Facebook page because info about the hunt will be coming up shortly!

2. Gulisintagning, 8.9.2016, 5pm. (starting @ Arken)

At Humfen’s traditional initiation “ceremony” we’ll be having our stop in Domkyrkoparken at the same place as last year (by the kebab kiosk). What the participants will be doing is top secret for now, but it will be super cool so do stop by and check it out!

3. Gulisakademin, 14.9.2016, 5pm. @ Kåren

At this event, Kåren will be filled with people awkwardly roaming around in pairs or groups looking to buy overall patches, eat candy, and trying to find associations to match their weird hobbies, etc. BUT this is the best possible date to become a member of Britannica if you already aren't one, and buy yourselves some of our merchandise (songbooks, patches), and there will be a gulis discount at our table so please do come, and remember to bring CASH because no one accepts credit cards!

4. Britannicas & ESN’s gulissitz, 20.9.2016, 7pm. @ F

Our super-duper-the-best-thing-after-Hämeenkatu-Subway-24/7: Britannica’s gulissitz (and like last year it will be in partnership with Erasmus Student Network)! We organize this sitz to teach you everything you need to know about this dope way of partying. All the details of this event have not been figured out yet, but you WILL hear more about this soon! Stay tuned by checking our Facebook group and your e-mail!

And also if your read the email blast we sent in May or the Facebook group recently, you will know about us teaming up with the language associations at Turun Yliopisto for Kielikuukausi (Language Month, Kieku for short) in September-October.

Kieku is a series of events (six in all) that the associations organize together to try and bring harmony and love across language barriers. Check out the Facebook page for Kieku and hit “Like” to stay updated on the events! All Britannicans and other language students at ÅA are welcome to participate in any of the events!

First up is the International Board Game Evening that unfortunately falls on the same day as our Gulis-Gamyl Scavenger Hunt so the Board won’t be attending. BUT the next event on 13.9.2016 will be a sort of Language Olympics where we will be having a stop with Anglica, the English association at Turun Yliopisto. There will also be a Language sitz on 6.10 in T-talo with an after party at Showroom! If you’ve ever wondered how they party at TY, this is a great time to find out and mingle with the Finns! More info on all of the Kieku events will be posted on the Kieku Facebook page so stay tuned!

That was an extremely long post so we’re gonna end it efficiently.

Board out. (mic drop)

#board2016 #upcomingevents #gulis

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