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An Overall Patch and Two Committees

Hiya, people! Easter break is over and I have a nice list of things I need to tell you about:)

1. Overall Patch Update

The design competition for a new overall patch is officially over, but no final decisions have been made yet. This means you can still express your opinions and actually influence how the patch is going to look like.

2. Sångbokskommitté

There is going to be a revival of Britannica’s songbook committee. The current songbook was completed ten years ago and so it is time to start making a new and improved version to last another ten years. To actually do this, we’re going to need some PEOPLE :D So if you feel like listing drinking songs is your calling, this is the task for you!

3. Årsfestskommitté

Another thing that’s happening this year is Britannica’s 45th anniversary!! Wohoo! If drinking songs isn’t really your niche but you’d never say no to planning a party, contact the Board to become a member of this second committee!! The celebrations will be held in November.

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