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'Tis the Season

As we celebrate 100 years of Finnish independence we turn to the next chapter in the history of our wonderful student association, Britannica, which will turn 45 next year! The year has certainly been interesting, filled with fun events and crazy hi-jinks for the board as well as the incredible members that make these events worth it all.

The board of 2017 made some well-received changes for the past year with the introduction of a snack-corner in our Student's Lounge, where tasty refreshments can be bought to boost energy levels for your studies. SL was also the place to be in early April as Britannica put on a morning feast for those who wanted to break their fast. Coffee, fruit and pancakes were ingested with gusto.

Sitzes were held throughout the year including: our Overall Sitz with Anglica, a Survivor Sitz with our friends at Eszett, Välkky and Östsvea, a Welcome Sitz with ESN, and our very own USA vs. UK Sitz. These awesome parties were great, as were our pleasant pub-quizzes and board-game nights. We also enjoyed some art in the form of two great films. In the spring we watched Love & Friendship and in the autumn we enjoyed the genre-defying Get Out close to Halloween.

Britannica was of course present during some of the years traditional events for students in the whole city and across the country, like Vappen, Gulisintagningen and the fairs held in Kåren where new members were made.

After the sitzes, beer-pong, bowling, football, picnicking and a Department Get-Together, the Christmas party held earlier this week will be the last event organized by the board of 2017. We want to thank everyone for a tremendous year and wish the coming board-members all the best for the future and in life!

(Board of 2017)

(Board of 2018 (most of them :D))

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

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