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I've long thought about writing a post about kebab rolls and/or falafel (FOOD IS LIFE), specifically a blog post where I rate and compare kebab rolls/falafel from different restaurants, but as you all know, LIFE HAPPENS. So I'm afraid that I still don't have enough empirical data on the topic, so that epic post will have to wait until later. As for now, you will have to settle for a post about a bunch of random stuff. Deal with it. Sooo... The weather has been rather depressing these last few weeks, one second the sun's out, only to be hidden in clouds the next. I went for a walk the other day and took these two pictures below within an hour. Crazy. Okay, I have to admit that it's a bit exciting to never know what the weather will be like, as it gives you great variation for photography. Yay! (Unfortunately, the city is looking pretty much like the first picture atm, which does not bode well for our Wapp-picnic in the Cathedral Park tomorrow at 1... BUT PLEASE COME ANYWAYS. haha. And just in case you're not drowning in deadlines, do come to our SPORTS EVENT next week as well! We will be playing soccer in the park (Kuppis) on Wednesday from 6pm. It will be fun.

Moving on to more Britannica-related information.. The English Department hosted the Thesis Festival this week, which was followed by a Department Get-Together. The Thesis Festival was fun, much more interesting that I thought, as I was mostly just there for the promised refreshments (which did not disappoint). Below are some pictures from the events mentioned.

Here Kaisa Korpinen is announced as the winner of the Donner Essay Prize!

The programme -> Sidenote: the bottom of the paper read "refreshments", but we actually got those during the break, thank God.

Also, do listen to these:

Miynt - Birds Milk & Bone - Natalie Lana Del Rey ft. The Weekend - lust for life If you click on the song you will be forwarded to Spotify. Anything for your convenience :) Lots of love, or something like that, Ida

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