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Hello members!

A loooooong time ago we asked you per email to vote on what charity Britannica would give some money too in the future, and you have selected......


(sorry it took so long for us to tell you the results, heheee!)

Anyway, we are thrilled to tell you about our new sponsor child, Asher Kipkoech. He is a two year-old living in Kenya with his mother. He helps her with household chores and hopes to go to school when he gets older. We hope that we can help to make his and his mother's lives a little bit easier. For more information on Asher and World Vision, there is a folder in the Students' Lounge for anyone to read.

Also in case you missed it, we now have an office hour on Wednesdays from 12:00-13:00 in the Students' Lounge (directions on the website). Members and non-members are free to come hang out, ask questions, buy overall patches, etc. There will always be at least one board member present.

Have a good week and weekend! :)

<3 The Board

#charity #WorldVision #officehour #board2016

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