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Super important update on coming events!

Hi folks!

We hope that you've had a pleasant spring so far! As you all know, Britannica, partnered with InFå, hosted the traditional Anti-Valentine's Day-sitz a little over a month ago. The board had a great time hosting the sitz and despite a few setbacks and difficulties, attendants seemed to enjoy themselves and created a truly awesome atmosphere in the underworld. We would like to thank everyone who joined us and we hope to keep the tradition going for years to come :)

Now it's time to reveal some of our upcoming plans for the spring. Hyped? You better be. Tomorrow, on the 22nd of March at 6:00pm, we'll be hosting a FREE* movienight in Aud. Helikon in Arken. Our beloved teacher Stuart McWilliams has agreed to co-host the event and has chosen Crimson Peak (2015) as headliner for the night, which is an American gothic romance movie. See you there! *For just 1€ you'll get a generous amount of snacks.

Later this month, Britannica will join together with Välkky and Astérix to host a sitz with perhaps the most epic theme among students during this time of the year: Spring Break! Next Wednesday, on the 30th of March, we'll welcome the wildest party-beasts of ÅA to an event we'll never forget, which includes spring-break-related competitions and events as well as a beautiful patch for your overall. It's gonna totally blow your minds!

Britannica's Department-get-together, an event where professors, researchers and students at the English Deparment hang out together, will make a comeback on the 7th of April at 18:00 in Kramer, Arken.

But this time we will be combining this awesome event with another of our events, namely our Pub Quiz! We are excited and a little nervous about this new idea of ours, so we hope everyone will be optimistic and supporting as we try this new thing together! Stay tuned for more on this soon!

We have another sitz in the making at the moment, this time with the well-respected association Kleio! As many of you know, an all-new season of Game of Thrones will be released in about a month, and we've decided to celebrate this by organizing a Game of Thrones-sitz! This theme will definitely attract a lot of people, so make sure you stay alert for further updates, because we want to see you there!

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